As healthy dishes can only be made from healthy & fresh ingredients, quality cement can only be made from quality limestone. Dissatisfied with the poor limestone available – substandard in the amount of Calcium Oxide while often containing high levels of Magnesium Oxide – we at Sarbottam Cement have purchased various mines in limestone rich Palpa & Chitwan districts. These mines make available to us some of the finest limestone in the country, and as a result, we are able to deliver to our customers the highest quality cement possible.

Understanding that the majority of our cement is utilized in earthquake prone areas, Sarbottam Cement is uncompromising when it comes to strength and quality. In fact, we here at Sarbottam Cement have pledged to provide cement that all our customers can trust. Our energy efficient production methods coupled with our high quality raw materials means that our cement just cannot be beat – not by other manufacturers, nor by harsh elements & natural disasters.

An innovator and pioneer of the cement industry of Nepal, Sarbottam Cement Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) is the first and only cement manufacturers to use a completely European production line.
We are also the first and only manufacturer that produces cement through the use of a Vertical Roller Mill (VRM). This innovative technology allows us to save up to 50% in energy consumption, thereby drastically reducing our carbon footprint. In this regard, we are the only Nepalese cement manufacturer able to produce eco-friendly or “green” cement.

Products & Features

Though equipped to produce Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) at various blaines, currently Sarbottam cement actively produces Sarbottam Green Ordinary Portland Cement™ (OPC) and Sarbottam Shree Green Portland Slag Cement™ (PSC).

Sarbottam Green OPC Cement™

Our Green OPC Cement has a compressive strength rating of up to 75 Mpa, making our OPC the greenest and meanest cement produced in Nepal.

Unmatched in quality, our cement has been used in a wide variety of projects, such as:

  • Industrial Structures
  • Bridges & Dams
  • Irrigation Canals
  • Highways & Runways
  • Residential & Commercial Complexes
  • Individual Homes & Small-Office Buildings
Sarbottam Green OPC Cement™ contains low levels of alkalis, chlorides, magnesia and free lime.

Sarbottam Shree Green PSC Cement™

To mitigate unnecessary environmental strain, we carefully mix the Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag (GGBS) – obtained as a byproduct when manufacturing steel – with clinker and gypsum in the cement mill.

As a result, Sarbottam Shree Green PSC Cement™ is more resistive against cracking caused by thermal shrinkage & heat of hydration without compromising quality and our environmental commitment.

Compared to other PSC manufacturers, Sarbottam Shree Green PSC Cement™ is:

  • More durable
  • More resistant against corrosion and rust
  • More resistant against the effects of salts and chlorides
  • Superior in reducing the reactions of alkali and caustic soda
  • Vastly superior in reducing heat of hydration

Product Detail and Specifications

A random sample of Sarbottam Green OPC™ Cement displayed these characteristics.

Chemical Specification

NS 49:2053
1. Lime Saturation Factor (L.S.F.)
  • CaD-0.7SO1
    2.8SIO2+1.2 AI2O3+0.65Fe2O3
0.85 Not greater than 1.02 & not less than 0.66
2. Alumina Modulus(AM) 1.73 Not less than 0.66
3. Insoluble Residue (% by Mass) 1.53 Not more than 2.00
4. Magnesia (% by Mass) 4.81 Not more than 5.00
5. Sulphuric Anhydride (% by Mass) 2.34 Not more than 2.5 & 3.0 when C3A is 5 or less & greater than 5 respectively
6. Loss on Lgnition (% by Mass) 1.79 Not more than 4.00
1. Blaine, Sp, Surface area (cm2/g) 3510 Not less than 2250
2. Setting Time (Minutes)    
  • a. Initial Setting time
100 Not less than 45
  • b. Final Setting Time
190 Not more than 600
3. Soundness    
  • a. Le-Chatelier(mm)
1.0 Not more than 10
  • b. Auto Clave (%)
0.16 Not more than 0.80
4. Compressive Strength (Mpa)    
  • a. 72 + / - 1 Hrs (3-Days)
34.4 Not less than 16
  • b. 168 + / - 2 Hrs (7-Days)
49.2 Not less than 22
  • c. 672 + / - 4 Hrs (28-Days)
54.1 Not less than 33

Contact Details

Sales Department

HOD: Mr. Subhash Pandey.
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Landline: 01-4111567 /4111571
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Project Sales: Mr. Abhishek Jha
Mobile: 9801224438
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