Located in Laxmi Road, Sunwal, Nawalparasi, Laxmi Steels Pvt. Ltd. boasts perhaps one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced production facility in Nepal. With a production capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes per month and an ideal location right on the cusp of the East-West Highway, we are able to ensure consistent supply throughout our extensive distribution network.

We at Laxmi Steels understand the importance of strength and reliability in construction projects.

Our consumers range from large projects – such as housing, apartment and road construction – to individuals looking to build their first home for their family. Yet, none of our customers want to compromise on the quality of the construction but are instead forced to do so to save on costs. We at Laxmi Steels however, offer high quality steel bars made from pure primer billets at costs similar to – if not the same as – the scrap-based steel bars offered by other manufacturers.

Our dedication towards serving the needs of our customers, and our relentless pursuit of quality & affordability has led us to develop Laxmi Steels Themex TMT Bars – guaranteed to be the best.

Products & Features

Our premium billets are imported from SAIL and TATA – both well renowned for quality and strength. We take pride in producing 100% pure steel bars.

Laxmi Steels Themex TMT Bars are distinguishable from other manufacturers for their:

Strong Hold on Concrete

The improved rib design of our steel bars greatly increases the strength of its hold on concrete, enabling the creation of long-lasting structures.

Easy yet Strong Welding

Our steel bars have low to negligible amounts of carbon which increases the ease and strength of welding.

Fire Resistance

We use a special mechanical and chemical bonding structure that greatly increases the fire resistivity of our steel bar.

Extreme Flexibility & Durability

Our commitment towards making 100% pure steel bars allows our TMT bar to be highly flexible while simultaneously being resistant to damage by bending or twisting.

Deterioration Resistance

No torque/twisting in shape makes our steel bars highly resistant to corrosion.

Uniform Weight & Size

Our steel bars are produced by advanced automated Themex technology. As a result, our TMT bars are all uniform in both weight and size.


The extensively researched specific metallurgical mixture we use makes our steel bars an ideal choice in earthquake prone areas.

Extreme Strength

In addition to using pure prime billets, we are meticulous in controlling the amount of phosphorous and sulfur in order to preserve the purity of our steel bars. Furthermore, the martensitic outer layer and the ferrous inner core give our steel bars unparalleled strength.

Product Details and Specifications

Chemical Specification

Constituents Percentage
Carbon 0.17-0.22
Sulphur 0.050 Max
Phosphorus 0.045 Max
Sulphur & Phosphorus 0.090 Max
Manganess 0.60-0.80

Cross sectional area and mass chart

8 50.5 0.395 2500 7%
10 78.6 0.617 1600 7%
12 13.1 0.888 1100 5%
16 201.2 1.579 633 5%
20 314.3 2.467 400 3%
25 491.1 3.855 260 3%
28 616.0 4.836 200 3%
32 804.6 6.316 158 3%

Laxmi Steels Ultra TMT VS Others Steels Bars

Strength Lower than CTD High Fe-500 is easily available
Elongation Inconsistent High 16-22% in all Grades
Weldability Very weak Good Excellent
Formability Non-standard Excellent Excellent due to uniform elongation
Technology Non-scientific Thermex/Tempcore Thermex(German)
Ductile & Fatigue Strength Non-standard High Most Appropriate for Earthquake prone areas
Corrosion resistance Very low High High
Ribs Non uniform Uniform Uniform
Savings Steel consumption high No saving due to higher prices 10-22% compared to CTD bars
Availability Non-consistant Irregular Easily available
Price Very cheap due to low Quality Very high for same quality Lower thanthe main producers for the same quality


SIZE SPEC.Gr./m NS STANDARD LAXMI TMT BARS Tolerance. Limit as per NS gms./m Per Wt.Var. Gr./m Indv Sample % var. LAXMI TMT BARS Weight Tolerance gms/m Wt. Var. Gr./m Indv Sample % var.
8mm 395 367 to 423 56 +/- 7 370 to 402 32 +/- 4
10mm 617 574 to 660 86 +/- 7 578 to 616 38 +/- 4
12mm 888 844 to 932 88 +/- 5 856 to 892 36 +/- 2
16mm 1580 1501 to 1659 158 +/- 5 1582 to 1592 64 +/- 2
20mm 2470 2369 to 2544 148 +/- 3 2435 to 2485 50 +/- 1
25mm 3850 3735 to 3965 230 +/- 3 4764 to 4860 96 +/- 1
28mm 4830 4685 to 4975 290 +/- 3 4764 to 4860 96 +/- 1
32mm 6310 6121 to 6499 378 +/- 3 6100 to 6226 126 +/- 1

Contact Details

Purchase Department

HOD: Mr. Vishal Dalmia
Mobile: 9851012489
Landline: 01-4111567 / 4111571
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Sales Department

HOD: Rajan Basnet
Mobile: 9801224488
Landline: 014111567/ 4111571
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Project Sales: Mr. Abhishek Jha
Mobile: 9801224438
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