We are the largest manufacturer of Polypropylene woven fabric/bags in Nepal. Our products are used in the Cement, Food, Polymer, Packing etc. We produce more than three thousand metric tons of fabric and bags. Famed for our reliability and flexibility, more than 50% of our goods are exported to Lafarge, Reliance, IOCL and other renowned businesses.

We are the only Nepalese company able to produce Laminated Cement Bags, also known as Block Bottom Bags. In addition to our large exports, we also serve the domestic market by producing Non-Woven fabric used in the making of carry bags, asks, covers, wall hangers, etc.


Currently, we utilize 7 Tape lines for manufacturing PP tapes. We use 325 Weaving Looms, 4 Lamination plants, 4 Printing machines and 10 Bag-making machines. We are also equipped with 1 Non-woven plant and 2 CaCO3 filler-making plants. The majority of our machines are imported from Europe, with a few from China and India. Our sophisticated power back up provides continuos power supply to all our machines, thereby assuring uninterrupted production and uncompromised quality.


  • Woven fabrics ranging from 12” to 48” width DFL
  • Bags (Cement, Food, Sugar, Packing, etc.) ranging from 15 gms to 300 gms
  • Non-Woven Fabrics with GSM ranging from 12 to 150
  • Tarpaulin ranging from 6ft x 6ft to 36 ft x 36 ft in size
  • Filler - Masterbatch of CaCO3

All our bags are printed on flexographic printing machines in a wide range of colors.

Raw Material

  • Polypropylene (From IOCL, Exxonmobil, Sabic, etc.)
  • LDPE & LLDPE (From IOCL, Exxonmobil, Sabic, etc.)
  • CaCO3 (OMYA Malaysia)
  • Coloring Masterbatches (From reputed vendors in India)
  • Ink (From reputed vendors in India)
  • Yarn (From reputed vendors in India)

Quality Control

In whatever we do, we strive to do well. And then we strive more.As a result, our plant is equipped with two quality control labs. These are in turn equipped with the latest technologies that can test for size, weight, strength, flow and other quality parameters.

Environmental Concerns

Because we believe in preserving the pristine nature of the Nepali environment, we have imported an European Recycling Machine. This machine retransforms our wastage scrap material back into Polypropylene (PP) - our primary raw material. All our scrap material is recycled.

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